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Introducing ACORN.

ACORN will replace ROSI-SWS as the student-facing online service at U of T, with a more convenient, personalized and guided online experience.

You have things to do, ACORN is here to help.

Our goal is to provide an improved overall experience and empower you to make informed decisions about your student life at U of T.

The first ACORN release will introduce a modern new design as well as provide enhancements to program and course enrolment.

"The University should be more responsive to students' needs… They should listen more to students." - 1st year, Faculty of Arts & Science Student
We agree! Take a look at what we've produced for ACORN so far and how student involvement has helped guide our work.
Meet ACORN, your new student web service.
Welcome to your dashboard, the central place for an overview of key information.
A completely redesigned course enrolment screen.
Use your enrolment cart to save a wishlist of course activities prior to your enrolment day.
Search by course code or title, with results displaying after a few characters.
Select course activities in an easy to use popup screen.
Life: Check out some of the services and programs available to you outside of the classroom.
Created with a user-centred approach. Students helped us organize ACORN content using meaningful terminology.
Ongoing student input. We interview students to understand their goals and frustrations they face with current processes and systems.
Tested to ensure our intent works in practice. Students participate in usability studies, testing functional prototypes and identifying issues.
"This is a huge step forward from the current ROSI" - 3rd year, Neuroscience Student, ACORN usability test participant

Get Involved

We encourage you to contribute to the ACORN project through direct involvement. Your participation in user research activities, software usability tests and open-minded discussions on improving online student services will help affect a positive change here at U of T.

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